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My name is Elena Martínez and I am a translator based in Madrid, Spain.  I specialize in legal/business and medical areas and also in the education industry. I also translate non-fiction books and teach English and Spanish privately.

In year 2002 I graduated in English Studies from Universidad Complutense in Madrid and the Westminster University in London. As I have always known I wanted to be a translator, I attended a master degree specialized in translation at my home university. I have also completed my studies with related courses in different universities of England, Ireland and Spain.

I translate from English into European Spanish, my mother tongue.

Other services I offer are proofreading and editing services of texts, documents and translations written in Spanish.

I am a member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters,  ASETRAD.




¿Me lo traduces? Translating Knowledge is a personal and professional project whose mission is to connect people, cultures and ideas by sharing information, making it accesible and transfering knowledge.


¿Me lo traduces? philosophy is to bring out the best in any encounter, solve other people’s language-related problems and hopefully make things a little easier. This philosophy is reflected in the translation work produced.

I am also continually working to meet these ideals:

Professional work: To deliver high quality language-related solutions. To meet this, I continually invest in education and training, and professional translation associations, among others.

Creating value: Creating business value but most especially personal value thorough sharing knowledge, new ideas, and findings that could be helpful to others in their personal and professional lives to solve problems and improve situations.

Customer care: To provide an excellent service to customers before, during and after the translation project.

Flexibility: Customers will find an accessible service and a commitment to meet their needs. In most cases, clients have become friends.

Fair pricing: ¿Me lo traduces? fees are always realistic for the work undertaken and reflect a true desire to have a win-win situation.



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