¿Me lo traduces? Translation Services


If you are in the translation industry, you already know how prices are fixed. 

If you have never needed a translation service before and have no idea of how this works, here is a hint:

As a general rule, the price for a translation is established according to the number of words in the document to be translated. In certain cases, when the text is hard to quote, that is, it is not possible to count the words of the original text, the price is calculated by the hour. Sometimes, when a document does not exceed one or two pages, a minimum price is charged.

Prices may vary depending on each project and its characteristics. For instance, an estimate may depend on:

(1) the number of words to be translated,

(2) the complexity of the text,

(3) the characteristics of the original document (format, graphics, tables, etc.)

(4) and the delivery date.


So the best thing to do is to contact me and we will discuss what you need. We will talk about your project, budget, ideas, and we will get the chance to know each other. By the way, quotes are free and customized according to the needs of the project to be translated.


NB:  Prices are established in Euros. For more details about prices and free quotes, please check section Terms & Conditions.



¿Me lo traduces? Translating Knowledge