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Quotes are drafted individually for each client. In order to establish an estimate as exact as possible, the following information is needed: language of the source text, number of words or pages, document format --Word, PFD, graphics, tables-- and delivery date.

The client may accept the estimate by written word and will be sent an order sheet, which will be returned signed as a way of approval.

Quotes are valid until 2 months.

Modification or cancellation

Sometimes clients need to make modifications on the originla order once the job is in process (more text needs to be translated, or the translation needs to be ready earlier than agreed) or even the order has to be cancelled. In those cases, the client will notify it in writing at the soonest. Also, the conditions of the contract may vary. In the case of a cancellation, they client may be charged the correspondent part of the job done so far.

Reception and delivery of documentation

As a general rule, the documentation will be sent and received by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed. It is also desirable that the documents are sent in Word format.

Both parties will abide by the reception and delivery dates agreed. Otherwise, delivery and economic conditions agreed may alter, i. e., delivery date may be postponed.

Payment method

Payment of services will be done in cash or by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed, over a 30 day period at the latest.

High volume orders may be charged a percentage as an advanced payment.

Urgent translations may be charged up to 25-40% more of the agreed price.

For services of translation of two pages or less, there is a minimum charge of €30.

VAT is not included (when applicable). 


All documentation will be treated as confidential and according to the rules of the profession. 

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